Duffield Meadows Primary School


Throughout the school, our English curriculum enables children to develop the necessary skills to become successful readers and writers and we place a high emphasis on enjoyment. Alongside the formal teaching of reading, phonics, grammar, spelling and creative writing, we encourage good speaking and listening skills, and allow time for a variety of extended writing exercises.

The curriculum is delivered in a variety of ways such as whole class teaching, paired and group work and independent work and sustained "Big Writing". We are aware that different children learn in different ways and so try to accommodate all learning styles.

In recent years we have, as a school, focused on improving writing skills, and a range of strategies have been implemented in the classroom to achieve this. Staff have attended training on the teaching of phonics, writing and reading. Small group interventions such as the "Fresh Start" scheme have been successfully introduced to give a boost to those children whose Literacy skills would benefit from some extra dedicated work. As a result of all these measures, Meadows pupils achieve consistently high results in national tests for English.

​As well as inviting theatre groups such as http://www.babblingvagabonds.co.uk/ in to school to inspire creativity and bring stories to life, we have hosted poetry and creative writing workshops; most recently with Jack Trelawny (http://www.jacktrelawny.co.uk/) which inspired the children to some wonderful writing. We have an extensive set of KS2 'recommended reading' book challenge lists - bronze book list.pdf, silver book list.pdf, gold book list.pdf, gold plus book list.pdf, platinum book list.pdf and also encourage the use of 'Oxford Owl ebook reading' throughout the school. We aim to further inspire reading through participation in such events as 'Roald Dahl Day' and, most recently, an 'Extreme Reading Challenge' for year 6.

Should you have any further questions about this subject area, please contact Ms Gibson, English subject leader.