Duffield Meadows Primary School


Statement of intent

Duffield Meadows Primary School is a vibrant, enthusiastic, forward thinking and safe learning environment in which pupils are given every opportunity to complete a fulfilling education.

We believe that homework plays an important part in the education our pupils receive.

We are also aware that pupils have opportunities and experiences outside of school that are equally important in developing and enriching their lives. We will give careful consideration to ensuring homework is well-balanced across the school.

Our approach to homework

Homework should not become a source of stress or upset and if it does cause problems, the teacher should be contacted to discuss the problem.

Not all homework will involve activities to be done without an adult. In many cases it is the involvement and engagement of an adult in the activity that is important.

The amount of homework set for pupils increases as they progress through school.

Regular reading is of paramount importance throughout primary school. All children benefit greatly from reading with their parents or carers as often as possible, or, if they are fluent readers, they will benefit from reading a wide range of books on their own.

We do not set specific amounts of time that must be spent on a task, preferring individual children and families to set their own routines. 

In addition, topic-related project homework is set every term. From Year 2 onwards, science homework may also be set.

Holiday Homework

Homework should not be set during the Christmas holiday – this must be a time for leisure and fun

During the Easter and summer breaks, children may complete an optional holiday diary/scrapbook to be handed in to the Headteacher at the beginning of term. A certificate will be given as reward and encouragement.

Should you have any comments or questions regarding this policy please contact Mrs Novak-Lemmings. Should you have any concerns over the homework set within the classroom, please contact the class teacher through the usual channels.

A copy of the policy can be downloaded here: Homework Policy