Duffield Meadows Primary School

School Uniform & Equipment Needed

We have a school uniform, which is worn throughout the school. Our colours are royal blue and red. Our branded uniform is available from Loop Wear Ltd. The range available is polo shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans, baseball caps, P.E. shirts, shorts, sports hoodies, skorts, P.E. bags, book bags (for Reception children), 'courier-type' shoulder bags and rucksacks (Y1 to Y6 only).

Please click the squirrel to order and purchase the items you require directly from our supplier Loop Wear Ltd. 

The following items are required for Physical Education lessons:

  • Plimsolls for indoor PE (black slip-on type)
  • Sturdy training shoes for outdoor games
  • A red logo T-shirt (available from Loop Wear Ltd)
  • Royal blue shorts (available from Loop Wear Ltd)
  • Short sports socks (grey or white) or long red socks (available from Loop Wear Ltd)
  • A specialised sports hoodie or royal navy skort are available to purchase at certain times of the year - parents will be notified in advance

All children should keep at school the basic P.E. clothing (plimsolls, shorts and T-shirt) in a cloth, drawstring bag, the outside of which should show their name.

General reminders about School Uniform

In summer children may wish to wear blue checked summer dresses or grey shorts.

Please put your child's name on all items of clothing and bring all general equipment in the Meadows rucksack (strictly Year 1 to Year 6) or bookbag (Reception year).

Skirts should be no shorter than knee length.

Please also note that children may not wear any jewellery in school apart from watches and small stud earrings, which must be removed for P.E. lessons. Children must only have their ears pierced at the start of the summer holidays as they will not be allowed to take part in PE with earrings in. 

Long hair should be tied back at all times and any hair decorations should be small and discreet, in the school colours of red and blue.

Mobile phones are not allowed in school except by express permission of the class teacher, in exceptional circumstances.


For Years 1-6: 

  • an A4 file

  • a few HB pencils

  • eraser

  • glue stick

  • pencil sharpener with a pot

  • colouring pencils in a named pencil case (not too big, so it will fit in pupil's tray)

  • a named overall or apron for art and craft.


Additionally for Years 3-6:

  • A 30 cm ruler showing centimetres and millimetres.
  • A Berol roller ball (mid blue) or Pilot Frixion (blue) pen for Year 3 & 4.
  • A Lamy fountain pen or similar for Year 5 and 6 children
  • Highlighter pen