Duffield Meadows Primary School

Our Attitude Acorns

 Attitude Acorns


Attitudes – Skills – Knowledge

The key to being a successful learner

The oak tree is our school emblem, and its fruit is the ACORN.

Children can earn 'acorn points' as part of the school's reward system. These are the same as team points and children collect them for good work and manners etc. They add these to class charts for their team colour and each week the winning team is presented with our school trophy and adopted cuddly penguin!

In order to promote good attitudes within school, children can also earn 'attitude acorns'. These are small wooden acorns given to children who have demonstrated excellent attitudes to learning.

Each half term, the whole school will focus on a particular positive attitude "acorn", which will be chosen from the examples listed below:

  •  "More than just me" – developing empathy and respect, understanding the views and needs of others
  •  "I can do it" – developing confidence, trying new skills
  •  "Aim high" – developing ambition, not giving up
  •  "Thinking for myself" – developing initiative, and an 'enquiring' state of independence
  •  "Dare to be different" – developing inquisitive minds, being brave
  •  "How well did I do?" – developing reflective thinking, identifying strengths and weaknesses


These acorns are added to special team coloured boxes in the hall and children are rewarded with a wooden acorn for their team, certificates and hot chocolate and biscuits with the Headteacher!